Calculation of chain diameter for motor driven hoists
Additional to the working load, hoist chains in motor driven hoists get dynamic stressed. Beside the load you have to consider the chain type as well as the geometrical and dynamical influences to the drive system when selecting the nominal chain diameter .

The RUD calculation program for dimensioning of hoist chains is based on the guidelines of DIN EN 818-7, respectively to FEM 9.671 and should serve for preselection the minimal required chain diameter.

With the calculation the smallest possible chain diameter get determined and therewith the chain is loaded up to the maximum permissible limit. In many cases it is meaningful, respectively essential to use a larger chain diameter than the calculated, e.g. to reach a sufficient life span.
If other, or here not considered factors influence the chain capability in a negative way, the chain can be wrong dimensioned. Therefore these calculation is not obligatory and does not release the user from his mandatory to recheck.
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